Health Insurance in the Netherlands2019-11-12T21:24:56+01:00



EUCARE Insurance PCC Ltd in respect of its NLCare Cell offers health insurance in the Netherlands in collaboration with Aevitae.  In this collaboration EUCARE is the  manufacturer and Aevitae the distributor of the policies. This concerns two basic insurance policies (a natura and a restitution insurance), supplementary insurances and dental insurances. More information about the policy conditions of these insurances and the contracted healthcare providers can be found on the Aevitae website.

Information about the premium in 2020 can be found here (in dutch).

Information about how this premium is built up can be found here (in dutch).

The overview with comparable basic insurance policies can be found here (in dutch).

More information about EUCARE’s healthcare procurement policy can be found here.

More information about the EUCARE control protocol can be found here.